As one of the last communist countries in the world with nowadays a very mixed and curious economy, blessed with beautiful colonial sights, classic American cars and really nice people Cuba is a 'must visit' country. It would really be nice to speak some Spanish, but alas I did not. I visited Cuba as part of a three month trip though Middle America and Cuba.


A pearl of a city. French architecture, live music, interesting seaside and not many tourists. My favorite apart from Havana. The central square features some nice architecture, especially the Theatro Tomas Terry, where musical performances are held that are mostly visited by locals. Also there are several clubs with live music. Walk the Malecon to Punta Gorda for more colonial chique.

Santa Clara

The city of Che Guevarra. He had his biggest triumph here and is buried here. Friendly city with lots of things to do.


Unesco centre. The center is nicely restored and with all the colors a real visual gem. But also a bit of a tourist trap. Wander outside of the center for a more local experience.


Untouristy and without major highlights. However a pleasant city with much to see if you are willing to explore. The old and the new seem to mix fine in this city.

Santiago de Cuba

Major city with lots of pollution. However, the best for music (Trova's) and some interesting sights near the harbor. A tour by pedicap can be recommended as is a visit to the tomb of Jose Mart, where the guards are changed with quite a ceremony.


It seems like time has stopped. But young entrepreneurs are ahead of the rest of Cuba. A colorful village where some people have an original way of decoration.

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