Costa Rica with its beautiful nature, beaches birds and other animals. Relaxed and lots of nice places to stay. And with some surprises you'd not expect. I visited Costa Rica as part of a three month trip though Middle America and Cuba.

San Jose

The capital. A place many people avoid as much as possible it seems. However it is nice to see the hearth of the country, the yearly Fiesta de Zapote with its Rodeo, parks, streets, wonderful graffiti and a John Lennon statue that is an exact replica of the one in Havanna. And staying longer then a few days you get to know people.


Former capital, featuring an impressive Basilica. Especially the wooden interior is quite special.

Monteverde and Santa Elena

Coffee farms, wildlife and impressive forests. This is the home of the famous cloud forests and the place to search for the Quetzal.

Cano Negro

A must see park visited by boat. Numerous species of birds, some crocodiles, sloths, tortoises and some glimpses of other animals. Boating through the jungle is an attraction on it own.

Manuel Antonio

A wildlife park just next to a popular beach. You can imagine what that means. Large families feed the animals, the monkeys demand food and the HEREHERE

Corcovado (and Bahia Drake)

The best natural park. Largely abandoned beaches, birds and other animals and great lodging. Your should stay least three days.

Cahuita NP

Another park near the sea, this time at the Caribbean side. And with no locals feeding the animals this time. You'll find beautiful wetlands near the sea, snakes, spiders and sloths

Puerto Viejo

Relax with reggae and beaches. You can find a remote place to stay or enjoy the vibe of the little village.

Palmar Sud & Palmar Norte

Small towns with not many attractions. But a lot to see if you like to observe daily life and some of its aspects.