Georgia is a surprising country. Old churches, castles and watchtowers mixed with some typical Soviet architecture in the cities. And a spectacular mountain scenery, an area that rivals France in wine making and wonderful food, often directly from the land. I visited for two weeks in the beginning of May.


The town is 10 times the size of any other city in Georgia and the undisputed political, cultural, economical and social center. It has been the capital of Georgia since the 5th century and was been on the crossroads of ancient Eurasia. A lot of history, a nice Old Town its balconied houses, religious buildings and caravanserais.

Lavra Monastery of Davit Gareja

The David-Gareja cave monastery complex goes back as far as the 6th century. It lies quite remote in a semi desert, unique for its wild nature. There are rock cut monasteries and painted caves.

Kacheti region & Telavi

Telavi is the main city in the Kacheti region. This region is about farmland, whine and food. Markets full of fresh produce, old whine makeries and tradition in agriculture.


One of the oldest cities, the capital from 300 BC to 500 AD and a World Heritage Site. The Svetitskhoveli cathedral, supposedly the burial site of Christ's mantle is one of the most important places of worship. It functions as the seat of the archbishop of Mtscheta who is at the same time the Patriarch of all Georgia.

Military Road

This road runs from Tbilisi and to Russia and follows the traditional route used by invaders and traders. After Georgia became part of the Russian Empire in 1801 the road was surfaced and bridges and tunnels were build. Completed in 1863 it was one of few such roads in Russia.


Annanuri is a castle complex consisting of two castles joined by a wall. In the complex are two churches.


The town were Stalin was born. There still is a Stalin museum and the house where he was born is also on exhibit. His large statue was secretly removed by the municipal government inn 2010.


A cave monastery that consisted of over 6000 apartments in 13 stories.

Kutaisi and the Gelati Monastery

Kutaisi is the second town of Georgia. The Gelati Monastery is founded by the great king David The Builder who is also buried here.

Svannetti region - Mestia and Ushguli

Remote mountain towns with ancient watchtowers and wonderful alpine views. The mountains of the Caucasus are higher than those of the Alps.


A seaside resort town with an interesting collection of somewhat strange architecture, an (in may) empty beach that is several miles long and strange statues of Neptune and former dictators, who are made to look somewhat between a roman Emperor and a Saint.