This is unknown Thailand. At least unknown to most tourists. Ubon Ratchatani is the capital of the province of the same name, located in the Isaan region in northeastern Thailand. I ended up there because I always try to avoid night buses. I never sleep an end up with something like a jet lag. So I rather make a stop on the way. And then stay another day if there is something to see. And on the way from Pakse in Laos to Bangkok, Ubon Ratchatani is the logical place to stop.

Ubon Ratchatani is a place that does not disappoint. Ubon has a lot of everything that Thailand has to offer to tourists. There are colorful temples and monasteries, ranging from the grand and lavish to the small and historic. And from busy by worshippers and pilgrims to quiet and wooded. There is old architecture, there are neighborhoods with traditional wooden structures, a lively market and a large collection of food stalls in the evening. Crafts and wonderfully messy shops in all things mechanical. But also hip student neighborhoods, with organic and ecological eateries, chocolate shops and trendy clothing. Actually, Ubon has everything except western tourists. A city that invites you to wander.