Sipandon, the 4000 islands Islands in the Mekong. Big and small, some little more than a stump that holds some soil with its roots, others so big that it takes you hours to make a round trip along the coast on a moped. More are inhabited, but Don Khone, Don Som (one GH), Don Khong and Don Det are the islands with facilities for tourists.

Don Khong

This is the largest island with not a large amount of facilities but if you want to see temples, activity and agriculture the most interesting.

Don Som

Don Som is definitely an off the beaten Track destination. There is only one guesthouse (Don Som Riverside guesthouse, recommended) where you stay and eat. Homestays can also be arranged. Also visit the market town of Ban Khinak across the Mekong on the mainland.

Don Det

This island is starting to make a name for itself as a party island, with magic shakes and sunsets. It has the most facilities.

Don Khone

Connected to Don Det by a bridge Don Khone is somewhat less touristy. There is more local life than on Don Det. Also there are more things to see, like waterfalls, ancient French trains, deserted railwaytracks and you can take a small boat to the widest waterfall in the world: Khone Phapheng falls.