China is a country as diverse as a continent. There is the coastal area, the vast developing mainstream China. With it's preserved heritage combined with newly build heritage, both modern architecture and fake 'old towns' that cater to -mostly Chinese- tourists. Most of the more developed parts are increasingly easy to travel and relatively comfortable. And there are the more remote parts, like the Silk Road west of Xiahe, the area's in the former Tibetan provinces of Cham and Amdo, now in Sichuan, Yunnan, Gansu and Qinghai. The Tibetan province itself off course. Magical Lhasa. And the rural parts of other provinces. Maybe less comfortable, but certainly making for interesting trips.

I have done many trips to China, totaling over nine months, including overlanding to Lhasa and from Lhasa to Nepal, the Silk road the coastal cities Beijing and Shanghai and more. Ì have done many in the past years but from earlier trips the pictures are still on slidefilm alas.