Togo, a small country in West Africa. Not filled with sights and not full of animals. 'We ate them all' say the Togolese. But the country has a very nice African feel, an interesting culture with a lot of Voodoo thrown in, tribes with a distinctive culture and a unique African castle architecture. And most of all it has a cheerful and friendly population. Ok, maybe a little too many children.


Lome, the capital of Togo has the busiest markets, the most traffic and the largest Fetish market in the country.


Aneho is the old colonial capital of Togo. It is situated near a large laguna with mosty fresh water. There is a small sandbank where the sea meets the river.


A village where people are healed through Voodoo - trance dances. The dances are supposed to be very effective for psychic diseases. They dancers look quite distressed, that is for sure.

Klouto region

This hilly region is the place where coffee and cacao are grown.

Badhou to Sokode

Between Badhou the heart of the cacao region and are the villages of the Kotokoli peope.


The Bassar have a long history of iron production. The woman search for coal on the hills around the villages. The iron was made in furnaces of about 2 meters high and 50 cm across.

Kabye area

The Kabye tribe has villages with connected houses. Each is inhabited by a patriarch and his family.

Taberma valley

The Taberma valley is famous for the houses that the Batammariba and other tribes build. They are two stories high fortress like buildings with thatched road