Namibia, the county of the vast empty spaces, immense dunes, forbidden places, German Towns, wildlife, strange plants and exotic people. It is all there. But prepare for the distance. I did Namibia as part of a Cape Town to Vic Falls overland.

Fish river Canyon

Maybe the biggest Canyon in the world, depending how you measure, maybe the second biggest. A lot less touristy than it's American counterpart. It is possible to walk this canyon. But that means a serious expedition.

Luderitz and the Sperrgebiet

The mining town of Luderitz definitely has a ghost town feeling especially on Sunday’s. Nearby Luderitz is the Sperrgebiet, where once diamonds were found in the sand, now still a closed area. See this album for a detailed article.

Dune 45, Death Vlei and Sossusvlei

This part of the Namib desert is a real spectacle of dunes, a wonderful sky, dead trees and animals that look out of place in the desert.


A gasoline station at a T-crossing that has become the core of a small town and campsite. For the Dutch well known because of a book by writer Ton van der Lee,


Another German Town. Adventure capital of Namibia. A flight over the desert is very much recommended. You can also ride a quad in the dunes, go sand boarding and skydiving.

The Seals of Cape Cross

Over 80.00 seals packed in a small area are quite a sight. And quite a smell too.

Etosha national park

One of the best parks of this part of Africa. The waterholes attract a lot of animals. Three of the waterholes are very conveniently located at the campsites. Others can be visited on the way. I saw a big herd of Elephants at close range. It was interesting to see the social interaction and the way two big females stood guard between the viewing platform and the herd.